Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Story-A-Day #292: Fur Coat


There are plenty of us around, an we're all different, but I've always been the type who likes to stand out in a crowd. It may not be practical, but look at me - I'm the envy of the town!

I know, bright yellow in a world of green I a little out there, but I it works for the bumblebees and the wasps, why couldn't it work for me? It's built in, natural camouflage.

Besides, this is just temporary. I could have been satisfied as an ugly green worm up until my transformation, but I wanted
to be use to being beautiful, to being the envy of the yard.

Wen my transformation is complete, I will be ten tines as beautiful, soaring high above these dusty tracks.

I will become the butterfly that flies higher than all others, that soars up to the edges of the heavens, blazing a trail of colour and envy through the swirling winds. Even the stars will swoon before my radiance.

For now, I will continue making my presence known, feigning bashfulness as the birds whistle at my passing.

I appreciate the attention boys, but you ain't seen nothing yet! This is the beginning if something glorious, something that will change the way the work looks at beauty.

I am about to rock the world. Once I crawl through the other end of the long sleep, Aphrodite herself will weep.

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