The third official Somerset Production, Missing was designed as a quick shoot with a minimal cast, and as always, minimal resources. Envisioned as a "quicky" project, it was our goal to shoot something in a single day, while maintaining the integrity of our past multi-week efforts. The result was three days of shooting (longer than planned, but still a comendable achievement) with the contingency that we would take a risk by presenting the film in a single voice, that of Michael Humble, who wore multiple hats throughout the production.

Based on "How 'Bout Lunch?" a very different short story that Michael had originally developed in high school, Missing has a pretty simple foundation:

"Sometimes it takes a special moment in time, and a special place, to be able to say all the words that have remained unspoken over the years. In Missing, a dapper man admits the error of his ways to the woman of his dreams by telling her exactly how much she meant to him, while apologizing for the shortcomings that have kept them apart in this dream-like examination of what it means to be in love."

A very big thanks to all those whose generosity ensured we could pull this one off, including the cast and crew (in particular our brilliantly cast - younger and older woman variations Eryn Mathias and Veronica Halsey); Derek Corbeil and the staff of the Moose Cookhouse in North Bay; and Steamwhistle Brewery.

Watch it here:  Missing on Vimeo

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