Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story-A-Day #279: Rink Rat


I've been coming here since I was a little boy. I learned to skate on the blade-sliced corrugated surface of the rink. I learned to play hockey, to bond with my team, and to beat my enemies. I learned to fight in this hallowed cathedral, sometimes with my fists, but mostly for the win. I was, and always will be, a rink rat.

Those days are long past now, but my affair with this building is ongoing. She's seen better days, that much is undeniable, but I think that's part of her charm.

She is a relic from days gone by, a testament to the time when a community lived up to it's name with pride and respect.

As I tend to her now, I watch those who gather. They are here to be seen, to be heard. They are on their phones and other gizmos, oblivious to the spectacle before them, and the majesty all around. They scatter before the games end, leaving garbage an regret in their wakes.

The times have changed, that much is clear, but this old girl stands as reminder of the better days.

I miss the roar of the crowd, the communal cheers of support. I miss my youth, and all it represented. One thing I will never miss is this arena, for I am a part of her now.

We'll be together until the end, be it a victorious one or not. I will haunt her corridors and stairwells until the end of both of our days and only then will I move on.

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