Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Story-A-Day #272: Chokecherry Wine


I enjoy wine. A glass of cool, crisp white with a plate of chicken or fish is a perfect meal, almost as good as a glass of dry, earthy red with a grilled steak an potatoes.

One thing I have always wanted to try is dandelion wine, mostly because of the Ray Bradbury collection of the same name. I'm not sure what it would taste like, but I would still like to try it. I imagine it would taste like tart, a mixture of earth, fresh mown lawns and summer breezes.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make that particular elixir so I have instead settled on an experiment in chokecherry wine.

It will be a nice, equally summery concoction. I imagine the tart and sour berries will be nicely complimented by the bucket loads of required sugar. Still, the fermentation process is a tricky one.

It might be disgusting. I'll know in a months time either way whether this will be a new ambrosia for mealtime consumption, a bitter waste to save for desperate times, or a sugary waste to flush straight to the sewers.

So far, it smells pretty good though. I can only hope that my venture into alcoholic alchemy proves fruitful.

If it works, I'll look forward to toasting the Indian Summer I hope is on the way. All this rain is enough to drive a man to drinking.

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