Sunday, August 28, 2011

Story-A-Day #290: Look Out


These are trying times. Some have even called them the en of days. I don't think we're that bad off - in fact, I think this is just what we needed to right the seriously sinking ship we call humanity.

The riots ended almost six months ago, and most of the bad elements have killed each other off. All that remains are a few pockets of us survivors. Well, there is the other element. The contaminated ones. I've heard them referred to by many names: zombies, ragers, plagues, even the horsemen, but I think of them as the victims of this culling. They didn't ask for it and now all we can do for them is offer a quick and painless death.

We quickly learned that the key to survival is more than food, shelter, and fresh water. Having the high ground is just as essential.

That's how we wound up here. The building below is virtually windowless, therefore secure, but it is the old radio tower above that really drew us here.

We make our way into the city for supplies twice a week, but mostly we man the look out and pick off the contaminated.

There are a couple young guys in our party and they feel vindicated that their hours of video games each day have proven valuable after all. And quite rightly too. From their perch high atop the tower, they never miss.

These are difficult times, but we are surviving. Eventually we will have to rebuild and that is where the real challenges will begin. Our society evolved over time, before eventually devolving into this mess we're in. Where would one start rebuilding something that took thousands of years to perfect, and mere decades to bring to it's knees?

That is where our late night discussions reside, and where hopefully, the answers will become clear.

We will rebuild, but only time will tell if we get it right this time.

A single crack of rifle fire erupts into the night. It can't get any worse than this.

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