Friday, August 19, 2011

Story-A-Day #281: Couch Surfing


The sun was blazing outside and he knew that he should make the most of it, but he just couldn't peel himself from his reclined position of luxury.

His days off were few and far between and a day like this spent at the beach would be a great way to decompress. He could take a nice, long swim, soak in some rays, and check out the ladies in the latest summer fashions. He could stroll along the boardwalk, and buy a corn dog at a chip stand, and maybe an ice cream cone.

There was a great deal he could do with this beautiful day, if he could only pull himself from the couch.

He set his book aside and turned on the television, a complex process involving a shift to his right and three separate remotes.

He flipped aimlessly through the channels, past the cooking and travel shows, past the sports, past the reruns of police procedurals and true crime reenactments, and past the reverberating canned laughter of the myriad shows that passed as comedy. 300+ channels and nothing that interested him.

He switched the input and picked up the controller for one of his three game consoles and spent a few minutes cruising the streets of 1940s L.A. until a passing truck ran him down in mid-pursuit of a fleeing gunman, then turned the console off.

His stomach rumbled and he considered making lunch, but settled on finishing the rest of his stagnant glass of water instead.

He set the now empty glass back on the coffee table and grabbed his iPhone. He scrolled through the games and apps, swiping all the way to the right, then back to the left. He finally clicked on the Facebook icon, only to discover that his online friends were as boring as he was bored. He closed the app and scrolled through his contact list for someone to call, then set the phone back on the table.

He lay in the still and quiet room, listening to the passing traffic and a group of people laughing and carousing on their way to some great, exciting destination.

He would rest a moment, then come up with a plan for his day. As his eyes slowly fluttered closed, he was happy to realize that while his plan wasn't much, it was a start.

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