Thursday, August 25, 2011

Story-A-Day #287: Drawn Towards


Like the simple moth, newly birthed from squiggly worm, she found herself drawn towards the light. It was a fundamental flaw of global genetics.

She was not the only one, and would never be the last of her kind, and yet here she was - circling ever closer to that eternal flame.

It would be the end of her, yet she sullied forth.

Simple genetics? Why else would she pursue something along such a route?

She would because she could and would, regardless of the dangers that awaited.

She was, after all, a moth, so her yearning to head into that great light was only natural. The few drops of rain, blasting her carefully powdered wings made it that much more enticing. It would be a difficult flight, but it would be worth it.

This marked an end to the madness and an exciting new beginning.

The fact that she had been reborn once was irrelevant. This would become her new beginning.

This would be her Mea Culpa and her Carpe Diem all wrapped into one convenient cocoon.

She was sorry, but she would seize the day regardless.

And with that, she flew into the light eternal.

And it was glorious!

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