Saturday, August 27, 2011

Story-A-Day #289: Map Evol.


It was a terse but simple directive: Map Evolution. We had been fools not to do so already, but the scope of the situation didn't lend itself to microcosmic consideration. This was a global issue, thus we had viewed it only on the broadest canvas imaginable.

It started with the birds and fish dying en masse, then there were anonymous reports of a mining operation in the Canadian Arctic that had made an unearthly discover beneath the white northern wastelands.

This new directive had come in from our field team in Barrow, Alaska. They were investigating another occurrence that we had hypothesized was related and we were anxiously awaiting word on their findings.

The terse nature of the message was a concern, but the instruction was crystal clear. Map the evolution of these seemingly related events.

The birds falling from the sky en masse throughout the U.S. and Europe; multiple global instances of large fish populations washing ashore; the mine and the Alaska situation. All of those without taking into consideration the rumored effects of solar flares and an eclipse - and now earthquakes that were rattling the east coast of America.

It would be a complex algorithm and I would need to call in assistance from our meteorologists and geologists to get it right. I am a huge fan of riddles and this was definitely my kind of puzzle.

It all seemed to be linked to the mining operation in the Arctic and I hoped the Barrow team would send word on their findings soon.

To figure out what exactly was going on would be sifting through a cord of fire wood in search of a single termite: difficult and time consuming, but not impossible.

Map evolution. It was a start.

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