Saturday, August 20, 2011

Story-A-Day #282: Ideology


It's not what you think, it's how you think it.

That's the fundamental principle of ideas. Ideas are like the novelty eggs that kids get; those eggs that you put in water and they hatch a creature that grows. Put it in a mug and it will get so big, move it to a tank, and it grows bigger still.

Ideas are capable of doing the same. A small idea can grow into a large one, but it can only grow so far under constraint.

An idea kept to an individual will only recede, eventually disappearing back to where it originated.

Ideas are power. They are capable of sculpting the world as we know it, changing it for the better. Or the worse.

Ideas can inspire, however, they can corrupt just as easily. A well placed idea can alter a person, even a large group of people. Ideas educate. Ideas spread. Ideas motivate.

Ideas should be used wisely.

Educators are great distributors of ideas, but ideas are meant to be personalized.

Give your ideas room to grow and see where they go. Cling to the ones that matter. Write them down, share them with those around you. Let tour ideas spread.

Ideas are knowledge and knowledge is power. Use them wisely, and use them to your advantage.

Most of all share them. Whatever they might be.

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