Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Story-A-Day #286: Shelter


They paddled hard through the choppy waters, pulling their way steadily towards the distant tree-lined shore. The storm had moved in quickly, the smattering of rain quickly turning into a torrential downpour that tore sideways across the choppy whitecaps.

Thunder grumbled constantly, like the belly of a hungry beast, and crackling forks of lightning seared across the dark, racing clouds.

A large wave smashed into the side of the canoe and he knew too soon that in their effort to remain upright, they were capsizing. Their gear spread quickly through the water and it was all they could do to maintain a firm grip on their paddles and pull the canoe the rest of the way into shore.

It wasn't ideal, but they quickly hunkered down in the cramped enclosure under the canoe.

They lay there in silence, the storm raging around them. He pulled her into his chest, hoping their combined heat would help ease her violent shivering. It was probably fear or racing adrenaline as much as the cold that was making her tremble.

It had been a close call, and they were not out of the woods yet, but at least they had shelter.

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