Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story-A-Day #280: Salsa


He lived Mexican food almost as much as he loved the elegant woman who stood before him gently chopping the green jalapeños. She brought grace to his life and even as she sliced and diced in preparation for their looming dinner party, he marveled at her smooth fluidity.

"Are those beans?" he asked, pointing to the bundle of green sticks at the back of the cutting board.

"They're the scapes I was telling you about, the garlic shoots?"

"Right," he replied with a nod and quickly popped one in his mouth. "They're tasty, a little tough though, almost like asparagus bit garlic flavored."

"I thought I'd try something different."

She was always trying different things; in the kitchen, the bedroom, throughout her entire life. Sometimes he worried that it was because she bored easily. She would switch jobs once a year, usually a complete 180 from what she had been doing before. She always ended up in a better position though, with better pay, better benefits, better vacation. He should be so lucky.

Sometimes he worried that she would tire of him as well. He couldn't imagine his life without the adventures and excitement they shared. He couldn't imagine not dancing with her under a moonlit sky, cuddling by the fire, traveling the world, or reading quietly together.

"What time is everyone arriving?" he asked abruptly.

"Around seven," she replied looking up from the cutting board.

"I'll go tidy up the yard then," he replied. "Unless you need a hand with anything in here?"

"I've got it under control. Thank you."

He stepped out onto the back deck and was just sliding the patio door shut when he heard her call out: "I love you."

He smiled. "I love you too," he answered. "Like a fish loves water."

She always knew just when to say it.

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