Monday, August 15, 2011

Story-A-Day #277: Moonshine


She peeks out from behind the clouds, a shy and tremulous globe of radiance that threatens the coming darkness.

For now, she is just a hint of light buried behind the soft cover of clouds. within the hour though, she will blossom, like the girl who was always the ugly duckling until she blossomed into the prom queen.

For now, she peeks shyly outward from behind the satiny blanket of clouds, waiting for her moment to shine.

She is shy, to be sure, but she knows her power. She, like all women, has the power of radiance, and when she is ready to shine, all will fold before her glory.

She has the power of light, the ability to quell all darkness. She is a radiant beauty who will fill the darkening world with light.

There are those cloudy individuals who would try to obscure her radiance, but it is futile. She has wooed the brightest son, the sun itself, and he chases her around the earth.

She has rendered him restless, constantly chasing her pallid glow, and when they do finally meet, their glows will negate each other once and for all.

It is a passion that eclipses all others, but it is fleeting. Two lovers who burn so bright can never stay together.

Such is the nature of passion and love. Sometimes it flares so bright that it can only fade to black.

Sometimes even the truest loves must be kept apart. Sometimes, that's just the way it works.

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