Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story-A-Day #322: Moored


He looked at the boat, his battered pride and joy, and realized with great dismay that another season on the lake had come to a close.  Sure, he could take the old girl out for one last rip, but what would he really achieve by doing so?

It had been a good season, an epic season, and it was probably best to just leave it at that.

On the long weekend in May, they had spent three straight days on the lake water skiing, tubing, visiting the islands, and having a great time at the onset of summer.  It had been a perfect weekend, one full of sunshine and laughter.

In June, they had taken a more scenic tour, discovering secret coves and beaches that were untouched and deserted.  They had swum into those shores, set up camp and spent a weekend getting in touch with nature, cooking meals on an open fire, and watching in awe as the heavens unleashed an unparalleled spectacle of shimmering stars and slowly tracking satellites.

In July, they had celebrated his birthday in tandem with Canada.  From a hundred metres offshore, they had watched the fireworks fill the night sky, and he had made love to his beautiful wife in the deck.  It had been a perfect night.

August proved just as special, and he was happy to have been able to to a couple fishermen back into shore after they ran out of gas.  They had just happened to stumble upon them in a 14-foot aluminum, and had dragged them almost 15 kilometres through the choppy waters and back to the safety of shore.

In September, they had taken one last cruise.  they wound up adrift in the middle of the lake as the sun set, and they stayed there as the night sky filled with a shimmering blanket of Northern Lights, and a consistent barrage of shooting stars that etched majestic paths across the heavens.

No, it had been a good season for sure, and next season would bring more of the same.  It was nice having that to look forward to.

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