Sunday, September 4, 2011

Story-A-DAY #297: Rained In


The smell of curry filled the cottage, an exotic blend of spices and seasonings. Our plan was to eat outside on the deck, something we had not done enough this summer. Now that the summer was coming to a close, it just felt like the right thing to do, one last meal shared with the bugs.

It didn't end up working out that way though. As the aromatic scent of curry filled the kitchen and slowly wafted out through the rest of the cottage, the skies filled with clouds.

We had just put the mango tarts into the oven when the first fat drops of rain pelted off the sill of the open window. Within a matter of minutes, the world outside was a sodden mess.

We still had a meal to look forward to, an with any luck, a thunderstorm.

When we finally settled down to eat an hour later, the world outside the picture windows was shrouded in darkness. The rain beat a timpani off the steel roof, filling the warm cottage with soothing white noise.

The first rumble of thunder sounded as we were bringing out the tarts.

We had been rained in, but as the first flash of lightning illuminated the lake, I didn't mind at all.

A good storm always excited me, and this one, on the tail end of a delicious meal, looked like it would be a great one.

When the power went out a few minutes later, I just smiled. It had been a great night, and it was only just beginning.

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