Monday, September 26, 2011

Story-A-Day #319: Focal Point


Life has a funny way of dragging us off course.  It is always to see the destination, that far off point where we hope to one day end up, but every now and then, life throws us a curve.

Sometimes that curve is actually a straight line.  It is an archetype, however, we all want to eventually wander off into the sunset. It is the ultimate goal for us all, that blazing finale that envelopes us in a magical world of pastel beauty.

What makes us different from the beasts is that we actually have a dewstination to pursue.  As much as we are content to fling excrement at oneanother, we also realize the merit in pursuing a grander finish; we also appreciate that what we do and how we act, reflects upon whom we are.

Everyone has a destination in mind as far as where they want to end up.  The thing is, we all take different paths, nad assign different priorities to the route.  For some, the path left untaken becomes the big regret, but for others, it is the path itself that would have ceated issues.

We all need a focal point; a place to direct our future intentions towards. That's not to say we have a plan for the next year, or five years, or even ten years - it's just to say that we need a destination, no matter how ambiguous.

Two years ago, I had great ambitions.

Today, they are all shot to hell.

I was destined to be a great leader, a man of the people.  Today, I am destined towards nothing.  I can actually see the great void looming ahead, and yet, it would appear there is nothing I can do to arrest my forward propulsion.

I am on a dock, heading towards a supernova, and eventually the woodwork will run out.  Eventually I will tumble out into open space and be engulfed by the incinerating force of my own decisions.  I almost want  to embrace the beauty of the moment, but the searing finality makes it terrifying.

This could very well be the end.  Of me, and my world.  Of everything I have ever known.  This could very well be the end of life as we know it, a mass extinction level event.

Such a short dock, and yet, so many potential ends...

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