Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Story-A-Day #299: Stuffed


The myriad aromas wafted up to him from the thick, fluffy, homemade dough and into the stuffed interior. There were so many mingling scents that it was almost overwhelming at first.

Initially, it was the dough itself that tantalized him with its scent; an earthy blend of flours mixed with a hint of sweetness from the sugar, and a gentle blend of rosemary and basil picked fresh from the garden out back.

The pasta sauce that was haphazardly drizzled on top complimented the smell of the dough perfectly, an additional blend of tomatoes and seasoning.

It wasn't until he sliced through the floury shell that the most delectable aromas revealed themselves.

Red and yellow onions released their teary, tart sweetness, a familiar scent that was perfectly offset by the gentle peppery spice of the thick chunks of green and red peppers.

Meats, both generic and exotic, spilled out as well, unveiling a hidden heartiness and another layer of subtle heat through their delicate blend of cured spiciness.

The cheese, a blend of cheddar, swiss and feta, oozed out of the pocket, gluing all the contents together in a mass of sticky, delicious, delight.

He sliced through the pocket with his knife again and jabbed his fork into another steaming morsel. Chewing with great relish, he paused only to exhale a blast of steam from the corners of his mouth.

It was a delectable feast for sure, and as he scraped up the last few bites of his second panzarotti, he realized he was reaching his limit. He slowly swallowed the last mouthful and sighed. Two and a half pounds of delight mingled in his stomach.

He was stuffed.

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