Monday, September 5, 2011

Story-A-Day #298: Recon


Normally this was something he would do under the cloak of darkness. It was like an unwritten rule: if you're going to do recon, don't be seen. It made sense, but it was also illogical. Why do recon at a time where the things you need to see could end up as obscured by blackness as you yourself are?

That was why he had made this choice, why he was idly wandering this lot in the full light of day. He would return at night, from a distance, to seek out the telltale red glow of security cameras, but this casual, innocent walk-by was already a much needed success in the planning process.

He had started on a bench across the road where he spent an hour mapping out the rotation of the guards. They appeared like clockwork, an excellent sign. That level of efficiency usually led to apathy and carelessness. These guards would be more focussed on maintaining their routines and being in the right places at the right time; a good start to be sure.

Still, they moved like lions and were packing some serious heat. The crew would have to be ready for that, and ready for some potentially action hungry resistance.

The best discovery was the access point. At night he would have missed the small grate, nut by day, it was right there in the open.

Hr paused to light a cigarette under the shadow of the distant brick chimney. It almost looked like a moat along the front of the facility, an impenetrable gap. From where he stood though, where the end of the moat was marked with a simple fence, it was a way in.

Cigarette lit, he set off to report his findings to the crew. They would make their move in two night's time, in through the grate. When they exited with the item, they should be able to do so with minimal casualties.

Fortunately their earlier intel already mentioned that the prize was being stored on the lowest floors of this facility. They would know exactly where later this afternoon.

In through the grate under a shroud of darkness. It almost seemed too easy. An entry by darkness was always the best option, however, recon could go either way. His afternoon had just proved it.

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