Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Story-A-Day #321: Firey Escape


He glanced up the side of the plain, brown-brick building to the third floor balcony.  that was where she lived.  It was a humble apartment, elegantly furnished with a minimal amount of clutter.  It was a space that was very reflective of her personality.

She was elegant, slender and graceful, but she was also unassuming.  She had a way of carrying herself that rose her above all that surrounded her.  She wasn't a bombshell by any means, but there was a simplicity to her appearance and comportment that somehow elevated her above even the most stunning of females.

He realized that he was smitten.

As he peered up the side of the building, his mind wandered into her apartment and through the past few visits he had enjoyed with her.  They had been casual affairs, a quite dinner, a discussion of literature, a Spanish language movie, and a shared appreciation of South American red wines.  Still, each of those moments in time had left him with a lasting impression that was far greater that the sum of the parts.

It was almost as though it was the smaller moments that left the most lasting impressions.  On each of those visits, he could recall little things that she had said, or small gestures that she had made, with greater clarity and vision than most of what he experienced on a daily basis.

He had witnessed a horrendous car wreck four days earlier, and the graphic details of that were harder to recall, than the time she had tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she discussed the global economy.

He wondered what she would think if he were to stop by unannounced at this very moment.  Would she be welcoming, or would he have to fling himself into the fiery red maple off the balcony to make a fast retreat.

With a final deep breath, he decided it was worth finding out.  Sometimes a small moment in time, deserved to explode into a huge one.  This could very well be one of those moments.

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