Saturday, September 3, 2011

Story-A-Day #296: Paddling


The best escapes are often the simplest ones. You don't need a plane to whisk you away to an exotic locale. You don't need foreign foods and languages to make things feel fresh again.

I've been looking for an escape lately, a means of getting away from my mundane routine if work and sleep.

I had hit a wall as far a finding inspiration, or even the will to do or try something new. I wanted to change things up, to experience something new, to get away - and the whole time the answer was right there before me.

Those twin kayaks would provide me with an escape, one o them anyway.

I set out over the glassy surface of the lake, my arms rotating gently as I propelled the craft through the water. It felt good, invigorating.

It was just what I needed to change my perspective, a moment of solitude and clarity beneath the grey September skies.

Paddling had always provided me with that sense of relief, I just never thought to do it.

Today, as I glided over the still surface of the lake, a loon following along at my side, I knew I had made the right choice.

This was a perfect escape.

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