Saturday, November 26, 2011

Story-A-Day #380: Fine Wine


It was a blend of varietals and the result was a medium bodied delight with notes of plum and blackberry, and just a hint of spice in the finish.  It clung to the walls of the crystal goblet delightful, sheer red curtains on the pristene surfaceof the glass.

I took another sip and let the liquid swirl around my mouth for a few moments before pulling a whistle of air in through my pursed lips.  The delicate subtleties of flavour fluorished and I let the wine slowly slide down my throat.

I pick up a small piece of aged cheddar from a silver tray and place it in my mouth.  I chew it slowly, letting the sharp flavour of the cheese mingle with the lingering remnants of the fine wine.  It is a perfect fusion of tastes.

I pick up the decanter from the tableand swirl the wine gently.  It clings to the sides, just as it did in my wine glass.  I pick up the empty glass, and fill it halfway once more.

I decide on a brief cahnge of venue, and pick up the cheese tray with my free hand.  A few moments later, I am settled into my arm chair, in front of a blazing fire on the hearth.  I sip the wine again, and pick up a piece of pepper encrusted salami from the tray, and another piece of cheese.  They mingle and dance in my mouth, a swirling concoction of taste sensations.

I am normally a beer drinker, but I must admit there is a rare delight in drinking a fine wine, and pairing it with just the right foods.  It is a lovely way to spend a cool saturday evening in November.

I turn on the television and flip through the channels.  There must be something good on one of the travel channels, a nice diversionary escape.

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