Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Story-A-Day #362: Gossamer


Autumn tends to be a time for reflection, especially when it stretches out a little longer than it does most years.  An extended autumn is almost as good as an endless summer, but the former brings with it a little less whimsy and nostalgia than the latter.

When autumn rolls around, you are ready to begin the hibernation process.  You are ready to figure out the most painless way of making it through the next few months of sub-zero nonsense.  Looking out through the gossamer curtains on  warm autumn day, it is easy to remember just how relaxed and beautiful things can be.

It is a little harder to see what might be looming on the horizon.  You know that the cold will not hold off for long, and you know that your driveway will soon be buried in something much more laborious than a dry dusting of leaves.

Autumn is the gossamer filter that divides us between the life giving vibrancy of summer, and the frigid wasteland of winter.  It is that moment where we remain in a permanent state of flux: clinging to the warmth nostalgia of the long days of summer, and repulsing the dire, short days of winter.

We need that gossamer sheen in order to process the harsh differences between the two phases of existence in this part of the world.  We need that shimmering blanket of to help us process and distinguish between the two opposites.  Such is the nature of seasons.

Such is the nature of the human mind...

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