Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Story-A-Day #355: Escape


There comes a time in every year where summer becomes a missed commodity.  At least there does in this part of the world.  Once October rolls into November, it seems like the will to escape back to the long, heady days of summer becomes almost inevitable.

As the temperature drops, sinking ever deeper into the sub zero realm of winter, it becomes inevitable that we long for the warmer climes.  Remember those backyard barbecues?  Remember those beach parties that you had so much fun at?  Remember skinny dipping with your true love after a night of gastronomical excess and a few drinks?

Now is the perfect time to reclaim those moments.  Now is the time to escape.

There is no point waiting until the real bulk of winter arrives, but that must be obvious.  That's what they told me anyway, and it makes sense because if I booked a tropical escape and got snowed into a December airport, I would not be a happy camper.

No, I will do my escape right now.  Now is the time.  I will jump on a plane and head to warmer climes and while I am there, I will reach the ultimate point of relaxation, soaking up the sun and basking in the warm, lopping rays of the ocean.  I will sit at a rattan bar and order cocktails full of fruity juices and sugary liquors.

I will let my skin bask until the point of peeling because I would rather do so than suffer the first snowfall of winter.

We all deserve an escape and there is no better time than the present to seize that moment.  Carpe Diem and all that crap.  Make today your day and benefit from the beauty of an extended summer.  You owe it to yourself, just as I owe it to myself.

Embrace the sun and your new found freedom.  Otherwise you can kiss summer goodbye.

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