Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Story-A-Day #398: No News Is...


What exactly is no news?  The common colloquialism is that no news is good news, but if the news that was to be delivered was in fact good, then would no news not be bad news?

If you had a lottery ticket and the numbers drawn were never posted, would that not be bad news?

If you had gone to the hospital for tests and your doctor never returned, it could be either good news or bad news.  Maybe the doctor hadn't returned because your tests came back negative and there was no cause for concern.  But it is also possible that the doctor didn't return because they were trying to summon the strength to tell you that you were about to depart this mortal coil.

If you had saved your money diligently for a span of five years so that you could finally take your dream vacation to The Maldives and arrived there to find that the entire archipelago had finally sunk beneath the rising ocean, would that lack of news not definitely be viewed as bad?  Especially for the people who called that exotic land home?

If your loved one told you in ominous tones that you needed to talk, only to prolong the conversation indefinitely, would that be good or bad news.  Essentially that would just be a prolonging of the inevitable.

If you had a close friend passing through town that you hadn't seen in years, but didn't receive the news that would be doing so, you would miss out on the opportunity to catch up with that friend.  Bad news indeed.

Were you to think it through, you would probably realize that no news is one thing, and one thing only.  No news is ignorance.  Whether it is good or bad, news is knowledge.  It is important that we are aware of what is occurring around us, that we are able to receive dispatches from the edge.

Knowledge is essential.  Knowledge is more than power, it is the key to our growth and development, to our evolution.  You would not want to travel down a closed road, or to a country torn in strife.  You would be much better taking the directest route and receiving the best rate for your stay.

The next time you hear that no news is good news, thinking about the good news that you could be missing out on and how bad that could in fact be.

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