Saturday, January 29, 2011

Story-A-Day #79: Fishes


It was easy to just lose track of time. He could spend hours just staring into the aquarium. It was the whole package.

The soft gurgle of flowing water from the filtration system was one thing. Hell, they made tranquility fountains for that very purpose, to create the soothing ambiance of flowing water. It was nice for sure.

There was also the undulating flow of of the plant life, the gentle, drifting, seductive dance as they rode the drifting waters.

Mostly though, it was the fish themselves. He would stare transfixed as they circled and looped and darted and dashed through the illuminated interior or the tank.

It was more than just the hypnotic movement of the brightly colored fish though. It was the zen like quality that they communicated through their beady unblinking eyes.

Hours of peaceful tranquility within a 120 gallon box of glass. And the glow of the nearby candles was a nice touch too.

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