Sunday, January 16, 2011

Story-A-Day #66: Flakes


She surveyed their work from the past few hours and turned towards her older brother, an approving smile smeared across her face.

"Hey guys, this is the perfect place," a voice called out from the other end of the yard. "There's a big pile here already!"

She turned towards her other brother, this one younger, and gave him an awkward thumbs up with her mitten sheathed hand. An intricate network of trails stretched out between them. They had been working on the maze for a few hours now, digging cross cut trails through their backyard. It was the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon.

She followed her brother through the maze and rejoined her younger brother. Together, the three of them surveyed the large mound of snow.

It would be perfect. There was a ton of snow and they would easily be able to carve out the tunnels they wanted to complete the maze with. What was a maze without a goal after all. It was just a bunch of paths.

They spent the next hour and a half digging into the mound and when they finished, they surveyed the results proudly.

Everything was perfect. The trails, the tunnels, and the carefully constructed shoot down the stairs. She walked over to the icy slide and flung herself down. She landed with a laugh in the lower level of the backyard and waves at her mum through the kitchen window.

Their hot chocolate would be ready now. She stepped aside just as her brothers landed in a heap next to her.

It was break time anyway.

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