Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Story-A-Day #55: Phoenix


The true miracle of evolution was the advent of consciousness; an undeniable truth as our final epochal era draws to a close and consciousness is all we have left.

There are no cities, no forests, no oceans, and no Gods. All that remains is a world enflamed. It’s fitting, our entire cyclical existence began with a spark and a bang.

When there were still humans and books, they predicted the end of days: global warming, nuclear Armageddon, plagues, viruses, societal collapse, the end. It’s quaint now, to reflect upon those antiquated notions of the end, those long extinct eras of conceit where the life forms of the time believed they had control over their destinies. I suppose that’s where the concept of divinity and intervention formed but I now know we were just part of a cycle.

I look around as this burning world forms a new sun, drawing in a fresh orbit of floating rock. There’s no atmosphere, no oxygen to breathe, and yet here I am, a final conscious piece of our evolutionary story.

It is my destiny to perform this one last leap of evolution. There was another like me but she is no more. Her remains drift nearby, a translucent splash of genetic matter sinking back into the primordial ooze we came from. She was a mitotic fraction of my whole, and now she is nothing.

I am the end of this existence, but out there amongst those drifting rocks, a new world will form. It might be different than this place we called Earth, but it will serve a similar function. Life will form, evolve, develop, and perhaps most importantly, create. That is, after all, what life is about.

Life will start fresh with a single cell and in the end, it will end with another like me, only so we can start anew. I am the passer of the torch whose final breath becomes the harbinger of the next life, a supernova to begin the whole process anew.

Ashes to ashes…

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