Thursday, December 30, 2010

Story-A-Day #48: Five


I held my hand up to the window and let the light filter in through my fingers. Five of them, one for each thing that was on my mind.

The little finger is for work and all the things I would need to get done in the coming weeks. It is a good place to start.

The next one over, the ring finger, is my girlfriend. Not because we are getting married, but because it is my strongest finger and the one that could bend the furthest, a key aspect to a successful relationship.

The next one over is my house, the overpriced roof over my head. It is a nice enough house, but it wasn't a dream come true by any stretch. At times, it belongs in the middle.

The pointer is for my family, appropriate as it is their guidance and support that got me to where I am today. That most functional of fingers represents the things they have helped me achieve.

And then the thumb, no less important than the rest, it makes the other fingers function. It is opposable and it represents you. When I curl the other fingers into a fist and the thumb stands out on it's own, I think the message becomes clear.

Five fingers in the light, one for each thing that makes me feel right.

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