Sunday, December 26, 2010

Story-A-Day #45: Oranges


Vitamin C is essential to a well rounded diet. She had always believed that to be true. The populist theory was that an apple a day would keep the doctor away, but she firmly believed that oranges were the way to go.

She would eat as many as six a day, sometimes so many that her fingers would take on an odd hue. Especially around the nails where the fruit's flesh seemed to cling with particular aplomb.

Oranges were delicious, the sunshine fruit. They made her feel healthy, balanced and invigorated.

They were also an obsession. She would buy cases of them and had built a special section in her kitchen to house them. She would pulverize the peels to make organic rubs and shampoos, the natural oils making her shine. See, like the sun again.

She didn't know where the fixation had started, but she knew that oranges were more than a fruit and healthy alternative. They were her life.

Her house was decorated with them, including the very expensive wallpaper in the dining room.

Yes, oranges were her lifeblood. She wouldn't trade them for anything.

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