Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Story-A-Day #417: Seeker

They told me it was a fool's errand, a wasteful pursuit of the unattainable.  I told 'em they were probably right; and then I told 'em I didn't care a lick either way.  That's always been a part of my nature.  Some'd call it a surly disposition, others'd just say I carry a stubborn streak a mile wide.  I just call it what it is: bein' me.

I never had no pursuits on bein' different.  I always been just this one person.  I always been what I reckon is a type o' person best sorted as a seeker.  Thing is though, I ain't never been all that certain 'bout what it is I been seekin'.

I reckon my way with words might paint me as an uneducated man, but truth told, I'm well aversed in the ways of language and sciences.  You gotta be to be doin' what I do.  Mostly within the pursuits of science...  Or at least in the rules of science.  I'm a seeker, and I still be seeking what it is I search.

That makes no sense to many, and I don't even know you; thing is, it's always been the same with me.  We as a people ain't got no clue what it is we looking for.  I ain't never felt bad 'bout been a little "without purpose" because it sends a wee bit of adventure into the boredom of the search.

Ain't always an easy thing to seek out the unknown, but I am a purest, and the purest pursuit is always that of the unknown and undiscovered.

Truth be told, I mostly put on a facade to help get rid of unwanted questions.  I am a highly educated individual, but in  the wilds, with my big, rusty excavator, it's a far simpler process to plead ignorance and put on an official front of stupid simplicity, than it is to try to explain that which has no clear explanation.

I apologize for the subterfuge.  It was not my intent to mislead you today...

The thing is, you seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders, so let me turn the tables.  What is it that you are seeking?  Not an easy question, because we all have different things we seek, and at the end of the day, you - just like me, might not really know what you are looking for.

Where I have a slight edge though, is in my machine.  It may very well be a rusted hulk to you, but to me, it is a tool to facilitate my search.  Think about what it is you seek, because we all seek something.

Some seek comfort, or true love, or financial security.  Some seek solace, redemption, spiritual peace.  Some seek a quick fix in a dark alley, or a moment of seedy sexual gratification.

It doesn't matter whether you strive for Olympic gold, or acknowledgement for the simple things you do on a daily basis: we are all seekers.

You see now why I put on a front; why I paint myself as a simpleton seeking.  You see now why what I seek is better left a mystery.  I seek many things in life, and in this particular bog, I seek the unknown.  Maybe I will find the ancient remains of some long expired species.  Or oil.  Or gold...

Maybe all I will find is peat moss.  Layer upon layer of peat moss.  That would still be a sufficient treasure for its burning potential alone.  The best part of seeking is not the search, but the eventual find and I am quite content knowing my goal has yet to be discovered.

The quest of this simpleton is a simple one that revolves around the hunt, but my quest gives me an advantage.  You know what it is you seek, and for most of us, that is a daunting prospect because we don't know where to find it.

I'm a seeker.  I been digging up a swamp to find unknown riches or resources.  You been digging up the past all along hopin' that you gonna find that which you ain't yet defined.  With that, I wish ya luck... 

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