Thursday, April 14, 2011

Story-A-Day #154: Swinging


He wondered what it would be like to be Spider-man, to have the ability to defy gravity and swing through the streets of the city. It would be liberating and heroic, an exceptionally freeing experience. How could it not be?

In the movies, it looked like a blast, so much grace and freedom. The heroic figure in his bright red and blue tights dropping and rising through the canyons of the city with the thrill of effortlessness, a narrow line of webbing the only thing keeping him afloat. It would be a thrill.

It could also be sickening though. He had been on enough roller coasters to know that those lurching falls and dread-inducing climbs were not for the light of constitution.

If he could swing like that through the streets, would he still be heroic? He was hardly a hero now, but would having those powers make him so, or would he use them for more personal or nefarious gains?

Would he use his powers for good and noble accomplishments, or would he be tempted by other less-pure motives?

Perhaps he might perch on the side of a building and peering through windows at naked lovers entwined in their silky moment of passion. Worse still, maybe he would turn his abilities towards a life of crime, robbing banks and committing other crimes.

Then again, maybe he wouldn’t be able to control himself as he swooped through the city. Maybe he was not capable of steering through the streets from above. Imagine having all those powers and still having to walk everywhere you went? That would be no life for anyone.

It was probably best that he was reduced to a life of daydreaming on city transit. There were less unknowns and what-ifs this way. Everyone wanted to be special in some way. He just needed to figure out what his way would be.

Third-year accounting was probably not it, but maybe what came next would be. He certainly hoped so.

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