Friday, April 8, 2011

Story-A-Day #148: Moving On


The sun shone brightly in the sky above denoting a beautiful Spring day. Birds sang in the air and leftover piles of snow slowly seeped away in trickling rivulets. The air smelled earthy and moist, a hint of melting dog feces lacing the fresh, crispness.

The platform at the station was deserted except for a porter and a mother and her two small children. He made a note to let the family board first so that he could select a different carriage.

He tugged his luggage along and stacked it against the exterior of the station, then entered the quiet terminal to collect his ticket.

He was excited about the new opportunity he was headed for, but remorseful to be leaving his family and friends behind. It had been a difficult decision, but the money was to good to pass on.

Back on the platform, the man handled the paper luggage tags onto his bags and slowly hauled them up onto the train.

It was antiquated, but the 8-hour journey north would be far more pleasant than in the confined space of the bus. It had been a smart choice.

He settled into a seat in the nearly deserted car and pulled out his iPod. He would nap for most of the trip, then maybe hit the bar car for a few beers. The porter came by and he handed over his ticket.

There was a gentle lurch, and the train slowly nudged forward. He was off. He glanced out the window for one last peek at his hometown and noticed a group of people standing on the platform. They waved excitedly, jogging slowly along next to the train.

He waved back, happy that they had made it after all. He would only be gone for a month, but the gesture was definitely appreciated. He craned his neck and watched as his family and friends receded with the station platform.

He would see them again soon enough, but the gesture was appreciated.

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