Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Story-A-Day #117: A Sister


A Sister is reflective, always thinking about the needs of others.

A Sister is a special type of person, burdened by her femininity and a desire to play with the boys. She is a sensitive type, conflicted by her desire to be one of those boys, and not understanding why they often left her behind.

A Sister is the type of person who fights hard for her ideals, and works harder than those around her to prove that she is the best. She sometimes doesn’t realize that she needn’t try so hard, because her brothers have always known her superiority to be true.

A Sister is someone who approaches life with a sense of quiet grace. She is caring and responsible; loving and focused. She is these things without effort.

A Sister is the type of person that a brother will take great joy in teasing and making fun of – but woe to the person who thinks they have the same liberties as a brother. A Sister is someone that a brother will always stand up for, and defend. He might trade her for a beer, but he will always rescind the offer.

A Sister is someone who grows from a glowering girl to a glowing woman. She is someone who embraces the passions of others not because she has none of her own, but because she knows it will bring her closer to those around her.

A Sister is someone who embraces the company of others, but is just as content having quiet moments to herself. A Sister is someone who exists in a protective shell, but gleams in the sunlight – not unlike a dragonfly.

A Sister is a sibling, but more than that, she is a friend, a person to laugh with, and to cry with, and to learn with. She is someone who remains constant in her convictions, and consistent in her devotion.

She doesn’t know everything, but she often knows best.

A Sister likes Baby Puh-Ponies and Halloween. She has learned to laugh at herself and face her fears in equal measures.

My sister is a teacher, and not just to the students who are fortunate to have her in their lives as an educator, but to me as her brother, who constantly learns through her example. She also makes a delicious pasta salad…

Happy Birthday Sarah.

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