Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lake - Watch It Now!

Hello again, I've mentioned it a few times now, but our most recent effort is one that we are all very proud of. The Lake was definitely a weird piece, beginning with the effort it took to figure out how to tell the story based on a concept, and continuing right through the successful portrayal of a mid'-50s aesthetic. It is a simple story told in a not-so-simple way and we really do thing that it succeeded nicely. Here is what we wrote about it on the National Screen Institute of Canada's website:

"The Lake started off as a simple concept: two different men from two different generations have a conversation on a bench near a lake. As the script developed, a unique challenge presented itself and we decided to attempt to successfully evoke a nostalgic fifties aesthetic through the use of flashbacks."

"With rented costumes, local automobile enthusiasts, and a few tricks of the camera we were able to create not only the fifties vibe, but also a more dynamic portrayal of the story. It added an extra layer to what began as a simple story of a cocky young man and a mysterious old stranger who might still be living in the past."

Again, we are very proud of our
efforts. If you are in Canada, you can see the film here. Those of you who are out of the country will have to hold on a little longer - at least until our festival run is complete.

The Lake - Now Available for Your Viewing Pleasure


  1. I liked the direction, script and Ed Regan did a great job on the cinematography... I did, however, find the music a tad too "whimsical" for the scene that was set. Awesome short though..

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed our film. We actually took two different directions with the music, but preferred the 'whimsical' nature as it gave the piece an bit of an off-kilter feeling that created some uncertainty as to what was happening. As for the cinematography, both Ed Regan and Patrick Gilbert did a great job for sure: Ed shot the book-ending bench parts of the story, and Pat shot all the flashback and in the water pieces.