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STIATF February 28, 2013

Seven Things I Am Thankful For:  March 1, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE:  This is not a motivational diatribe...  If you are looking for purpose in your own life, I would look elsewhere (ideally inward, or around you).

1.  My Father
My father is a kind, generous and hardworking man.  He is also a big inspiration to me.  As an English teacher, and the son of of English teacher, he (and my mother) also bestowed a reverence for reading and the written word in me from a very early age.  I am very lucky to have such a solid and steadfast motivator and inspirer providing me with a constant impetus for consistently striving to better myself as both a writer, and a person in general.  My dad also grows a little older today - Happy Birthday Dad!

2.  Jim O'Heir as Jerry Gergich
Parks and Recreation is a great show.  It is easy to focus on the breakout performances of Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, and especially Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson, but it is Jim O'Heir's Jerry that is the unsung hero in my mind.  Tonight's replay of this year's Halloween episode provided a great example of just how relevant the perpetual underdog was to me:  when he had a (SPOILERS) heart attack punctuated by excessive flatulence, I laughed - and quickly grew worried.  Speaking of which...

3.  Halloween
There is no better "holiday" and no better "season" in my mind, than the inherent spookiness of Halloween, and the dry decay of late autumns in Northern Ontario.  Halloween is the only day I can think of that emanates throughout the work of my favourite auteurs.  John Carpenter's film is one of my favourite (and most watched) movies of all time - and while Rob Zombie has always embraced the basis, he also missed the point.  To me, Halloween is a state of mind, and a seasonal presence that is more evocative than Christmas itself!

4.  Thom Yorke
I have long been a fan of Radiohead, and always realized that their quirky, droopy-eyed singer was a big part of the buy-in I experienced.  I have seen Radiohead in concert multiple times and revere both their artistry, and their commitment to the obscure.  I know people who were passionate fans of different "eras" of Radiohead music that can no longer tolerate the band's elasticity.  It is that very elasticity that keeps me engaged with them - they are one of the only bands I can think of who constantly strive for musical evolution.  I am listening to Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace side project "AMOK" as I write this.

5.  Finding Old Things
Today I found an old note from a man who was voted as "one of the most important people in the history of Canada" by Maclean's magazine.  That note is featured in the photo at the head of this entry.  That is an impressive title, and it was bestowed upon a man for whom I have a great deal of respect and reverence.  I also hope to be working with him on a short film project in the coming months.

6.  Producing Short Films
There are two reasons why I love producing short films.  The first reason why I really love producing short films, is because I don't have time to produce full length ones.  The second reason why I love producing short films is because it has provided me with the confidence to start working on my first feature length film.  For me, film and life tend to be a juggling act.

7.  Jane Espenson
Not only has she been a part of some of my favourite pieces of entertainment (seriously, look her up) but it was one of her frequent WRITING SPRINT challenges on Twitter that inspired me to post this tonight.  It was that same kick in the butt that lead me to realize I have had a great deal of traffic to my blog despite the fact that my last post was on October 31 (Halloween) of 2012 (see #3).  I need to increase my posts, and I will thanks to one of my favourite entertainers:  Jane Espenson...

See you all again soon -


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