Monday, February 21, 2011

Story-A-Day #102: Organic Blend


He set the coffee down on the desk and looked over the outputs.

"Looks good. The trellis adds a nice touch."

"Thanks. The entry seemed a little empty without," Lisa replied. She was still a junior designer but he could already tell she would have a successful career.

He turned back towards his coffee and paused. A sliver of early morning sun spilled through the window, illuminating the steaming mug in a soft glow. He watched the wisps of steam curl up off the oily black surface for a moment, inhaling the rich, earthy aroma.

"What would you think of a small pond in the rock harden out back," he asked, turning back towards Lisa.

She grinned at him and flipped through her stack of outputs. She had already built it into the design.

"A nice touch, he said, smiling back at the junior designer.

He picked up his coffee and turned towards his office. She was going to go far.

"I guess great minds really do think alike," she said.

"They do. I think the Rogers are going to be very happy with your proposal." He sipped the coffee, relishing the warm trail it left down his throat.

For a second, he thought she had said something else. Surely it was all in his mind.

He turned back towards the office. Lisa was still at the large work table. She smiled at him. Maybe she had mumbled something about a different kind of proposal after all.

He took another sip of coffee and closed his office door.

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